Magical Months & Moments
with The Mary Magdalene Light

Discover our highly valued Light Programs to empower

  • What if you could fully embody your feminine qualities?

  • How would life be if you were wholly connected to the nurturing energies of Mother Earth?

  • Wouldn’t daily life be so much easier if you could directly tap into the replenishing energies of The Womb of Creation?

Over the years I have developed, together with The Mary Magdalene Light, successful, remote Light Programs for self-empowerment. They all help to establish a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine Forces within and without, and also:

  • Immerse you in the unconditional Mary Magdalene Light

  • Purge old energies that do not serve you

  • Transform insecurity into self-love

  • Help you to become whole
  • Bring inner peace

Did you notice on the Listings page that our Light Programs are taken all over the world?

Start your remote Light Program at any moment

All our Light Programs can be received remotely, wherever you are in the world.

Some of them are stand-alone healing transmissions of the pure and feminine Mary Magdalene Light, and others are more elaborate. These include teachings by email and one or more essence vibrations for deeper inner transformation.

The majority of our Light Programs can be started at any moment.

How often do you treat yourself to something sublime?

You matter.

You are worth it.

Which Light Program appeals most to you?

Below you will find a selection of supporting and empowering Light Programs for you to choose from.

They differ in length from 24 hours (shortest) up to 9 months (longest).

Chakra Purification Program

Advanced Chakra Purification & Alignment Program

Align your entire system with
The Divine Mother and
come home within Yourself

9 Months

Start date: 22 November


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The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

The Mary Magdalene
Light Transmission

Receive nurturing Light
and feel as if reborn

24 Hours

Start it yourself
at any moment


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The Mary Magdalene Light Program

The Mary Magdalene
Light Program


2 Months

Start it yourself
at any moment


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New Beginnings Light Program

New Beginnings

For Periods of
Profound Change

3 Months

Start it yourself
at any moment


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Experiences with
Remote Light Programs

‘I got a lot out of this meditation’

‘I certainly got quite a bit out of this meditation, starting from some healing to my bruised shoulder… to a sense of peace and inner ease and joy, plus images… female faces… symbols 🙂 … an intense eventful 30 minutes!’

Mauro, Portugal

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