The Mary Magdalene Light Program

Purification Program

2-Months Remote Transmission

Sometimes you find yourself in a phase where:

  • Your aura begins to clog up

  • Your system starts to feel impure

  • Old emotional woundings or habits (re)surface

  • You feel burdened by dark past life memories

  • You wonder how to get rid of this endless heaviness

If you recognise two or more of the symptoms above, your system is letting go of old, and most likely, ancient energies that do not serve you any longer. They belong to the person you were, but no longer relate to.

You are ready to shift to a higher vibration.

Your perfect aid to purify

The Mary Magdalene Light Program is at your service

In order to reach that higher frequency, your system needs to let go of the heavy, cumbersome energies.

Such phases of cleansing can be hard going and tough to deal with, as they tend to overwhelm your aura and chakras. As a result, you feel burdened and lack joy. Day after day after day.

Our remote Mary Magdalene Light Program is ideal for supporting and quickening your purification process. Over a period of two months:

  • Your aura and chakras are purified of heavy energies

  • Your aura and chakras are fine-tuned and

  • You gain clarity and a new sense of direction

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How does it work

Receiving remote aid is easy and efficient

The Mary Magdalene Light Program

1) Receiving The Mary Magdalene Light remotely

  • The Mary Magdalene Light Program will activate from the moment you sign up.

  • It will continuously purge your system of heavy, overwhelming energies over 28 days.

  • During the following 28 days, it will gradually fade out and bring your purified system to a state of balance and harmony.

You are ready to see the world through new eyes and with a fresh spirit.

Mary's Light Essence

2) You will receive a sacred essence by post

  • This high-vibrational essence is called ‘Mary’s Light’ and has four key qualities.
    It is mothering, nurturing, calming and soothing.

  • This essence is not for diffusion or spraying, but for oral use.

  • The intake is over 28 days.

  • This essence vibration will enhance the purification process and calm your system.

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What does the fee include?

  • The Mary Magdalene Light Program
    for purification and support – €250

  • The complementary, bottled essence vibration ‘Mary’s Light’ – €37.45

  • Includes shipping fee

Final Total: €287,45

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The minimum age for this sacred and profound Light Program is 18 years.
This light program is not intended as a replacement for medical care and/or
medication from a qualified health practitioner.

Do you still have questions?

If you have never received a Light Transmission before, it can be difficult to know if it’s right for you or how it works.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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