Are you seeking inner peace?

Realign with the replenishing Divine Feminine, within and without

Have you noticed that your spiritual journey is about unlearning thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning and becoming whole? If you yearn to bring inner peace into your life, then I am here to guide you to your missing link. Reconnecting with the abundant, replenishing Feminine Forces is what you need. This is key to becoming whole, stepping into your sovereignty and living life from an inner place of peace.

Original channel of The Mary Magdalene Light

My name is Harriët Kroon, Light Worker and the original channel of The Mary Magdalene Light. I went through decades of self-development to be your guide, mentor or teacher. Since 2001 I have been working as an energy therapist and a healer. In June 2017, my heart chakra started to bring forth a new spiritual light, as pure and feminine as can be.

Since then, this nourishing ‘Mary Magdalene Light’ has inspired me to develop accessible, practical tools for healing, (re)aligning with the replenishing feminine energies within and without, and finding inner peace.

I have had the privilege of supporting thousands of people in all parts of the world with online consultations, email programs, Light Transmissions, essence vibrations and Light infused jewellery.

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‘Reconnecting with the Divine Feminine,
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How The Mary Magdalene Light can help you

Recharge Your Jewellery MM Light

The Mary Magdalene Light is a Spiritual Light to help you heal and become whole. More specifically, it serves you – and this applies to all genders – to reconnect with the nourishing Divine Feminine Energies inside and outside of us. The Mary Magdalene Light helps you find:

  • SELF-LOVE, by embracing your innate feminine qualities

  • INNER PEACE, by harmonizing your masculine and feminine attributes

  • YOUR HOLY WOMB CHAKRA, the manifestation centre (all genders)

  • RECONNECTION with the Earth Mother

  • RECONNECTION with the Mother of All That Is

‘The Light that Harriët brings forth fulfils the heart’

‘The quality of The Rebirth Weekend was extremely high and professional. Harriët is a masterful Spiritual Teacher. The meditations were very deep and profound and the Light that Harriët brings forth is deeply penetrating, fulfilling the heart with the possibility of change. It was a wonderful weekend with lovely people.’

David, England

‘Thank you for making me whole’

‘Thank you Harriët for your clarifications, that was really helpful. I am SO grateful for how you make me WHOLE.’

Cecilia, Sweden

‘The world is blessed to have you’

‘You are, with your complete dedication to your evolutionary path, such an inspiration to us all Harriët. All your students and clients are blessed to have you in their lives – the world is blessed to have you.’

Loraine, Scotland

How I can help you

Tools to reconnect with the
Divine Mother

We are all unique and for that reason I offer a variety of services like private consultations and online Light Programs. Perhaps you prefer a self-help tool like Light Transmissions or Light Jewellery. What resonates most with your heart?

Mother Goddess Meditations

The Mother Goddess

Sacred meditations to establish
a deep connection with the Divine Feminine at all levels.
Healing and replenishing.

Light Infused Jewellery


Radiate with unique accessories, charged with
The Mary Magdalene Light.

Remote Light Programs

Light Programs

Discover our highly valued Light Programs to empower, taken all over the world. Start your Light Program at any moment.

How can I help you?

I am well aware of how difficult it may be, should you be new to The Mary Magdalene Light, to know if it is right for you or how it can specifically help.

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