New Beginnings

3-Months remote Light Program

For periods of profound change

New Beginnings

3-Months remote Light Program

For periods of profound change

Are you going through a challenging period of change?

Do you feel your foundation is shaking because
something major is coming to an end in your life?

Then the remote Light Program ‘New Beginnings’ can be of great help to you in the process of letting go.

The nurturing and healing Mary Magdalene Light, together with three unique essence vibrations will embrace and support you during a three-month period, guiding you forward.

Together they will help you leave difficult emotions behind and regain inner strength to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of what came before.

3 Full months of supportive and nourishing Light

The key benefits are

Finding peace in your heart

Getting clarity

Regaining balance

Reconnecting with hope, courage and faith

Finding new direction

For which sort of situation
is this Light Program recommended?

The Light Program ‘New Beginnings’ is ideal for all kinds of challenging, transformative processes of ending and letting go such as:

  • Divorce

  • Moving house

  • New job

  • Loss of any kind

  • Behavioural patterns

If you are in doubt whether this ‘New Beginnings’ Light Program is the best suited for you and your situation, please contact me for a chat. Free of charge, of course.

How it works

The Light Program ‘New Beginnings’ can be started at any moment in time

Receiving is very easy

Distance Healing

1) The Mary Magdalene Light
will be sent remotely.

  • From the moment you sign up, your heart will receive the healing Mary Magdalene Light for one month (28 days).

  • This pure, feminine Light will weave a protective cloak around you, and free you of old attachments and energies.

  • The month after, the Light will slowly fade out, which means that your system will benefit for another 28 days of this supportive and nourishing Light.

Distance Healing

2) You will receive three
sacred essences by post.

These essence vibrations aid transition and build inner strength to maintain a solid course.

They form a sacred trinity and are called ‘Completion’, ‘Balance’ and ‘New Beginnings’.

  • Our essences are not for diffusing or spraying, but for oral use.

  • You take one bottle after the other in the prescribed order.

  • This takes 3 x 28 days, which prolongs the benefits of the supportive Mary Magdalene Light for another, third month.

What does the fee include?

  • The Mary Magdalene Light Program
    for nourishment and support – €250

  • Three complementary, bottled essences
    worth €89.94

  • A practical essence bottle case – €7.50

  • 25 Euro discount

You will also receive

  • Free international shipping

  • Two spare essence bottles

  • The reading that goes with the essences

Final Total: €322.44

The minimum age for this sacred and profound
Light Program is 18 years. This light program is not intended to replace medical care and/or medication from a qualified health practitioner.


Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water:
– first thing in the morning,
– halfway through your day, and
– when you go to bed at night.

Should you have ordered alcohol-free essences, then you only need two tiny drops at each take, as the drops themselves are larger.

For full effect, continue as mentioned above until your bottle is empty.

You can opt for alcohol-based or alcohol-free essences.

Some people prefer to have their essences without any alcohol, so these are based on water only.

The alcohol is usually added for preservation reasons, but this is absolutely not a must.

Each 10ml essence bottle consists of The Mary Magdalene Light, an additional energy pattern, water and approximately 30% alcohol for preservation (unless you ordered the alcohol-free version).

  • Our essences do not conflict with homeopathy or any other medication.
  • These essences provide additional support and should not be taken instead of medication issued by a qualified health practitioner.

You will find two spare vials, in addition to the three essences bottles for your Light Program,  in the handy case. These can be helpful if you lose or break one of your essences, as I can transmit any essence vibration remotely into a bottle.

If after your Light Program you would like to repeat an essence or order another vibration, you can use a spare vial for a 24-hour essence transmission. This saves you time and postage fee.

Did you know that our essence bottles are re-usable? Keep them for should you wish to take another essence vibration in the future :)

The Light Program ‘New Beginnings’ is not recommended if you suffer from deep-seated mental issues such as psychosis or other psychological disorders. You are responsible for your health and well-being and this includes choosing to take a healing of any modality.

If you would like some personal advice regarding your specific situation, please contact me.

Do you still have questions?

If you are new to The Mary Magdalene Light, it can be difficult to know if it’s right for you or how it works. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.