The Magdalene Within You

Sacred initiation process.
Grow to the highest level of womanhood.

6 Month Online Program

Personal and profound
1:1 online journey with Harriët

Julie Kennedy (Fabulous after Fifty! podcast host) interviews Harriët Kroon, to answer your most asked questions.

If you feel the inner calling to grow a deeper connection with the Divine Feminine Forces within and without, this online yet personal journey with Harriët is for you! By awakening and developing the power of your Holy Womb Chakra – the chakra beyond all chakras – you will gain access to the primordial wisdom of The Mother of All That Is (aka The Divine Mother, The Womb of Creation).

Over the course of 6 months, Harriët will initiate or ignite The Magdalene Within you, which will allow you to grow to a whole new level of womanhood. It is an unprecedented, priceless initiation for your personal and spiritual evolution which will keep unfolding over time, establishing a profound and unshakable connection with the Divine Feminine Forces within and without.

The Magdalene Within is:

  • the template of the Mother Goddess, dormant in every woman, awaiting activation when you are ready

  • the sacred and secret Divine Feminine Vessel for pure unconditional love

  • a complex of three hidden holy pathways within your blueprint, in which your Holy Womb Chakra plays a key role

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The Holy Womb Chakra is:

  • The ‘chakra beyond all chakras’ as it gives access to the primordial wisdom of the Divine Mother (the Mother of All That Is, the Womb of Creation)

  • Not the same as your Sacral Chakra

  • A sphere residing at another level than your 7 major chakras

  • Your Manifestation Centre, allowing you to manifest your life purpose

Awakening the Holy Womb Chakra is not an overnight ‘fix’; it is a gentle process that unfurls over time.

This is advanced spiritual work. The first step on the spiritual path is the journey from our controlling mind to our compassionate heart. Once our heart is open enough to hold compassion and love for both the Self and the Other, we can then take the next step: from the Heart to The Womb.

To ignite your Holy Womb Chakra and support the awakening of the Magdalene Within, you will receive eight essence vibrations (by post) and two unique Attunements (delivered by Harriët, online).

Four of these essence vibrations were received from sacred sites in Israel such as the 1st century synagogue in Magdala, the town where Mary Magdalene lived.

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Awaken the three hidden, holy pathways

Over six months, three hidden holy pathways within your blueprint will gradually be awakened.
Your Holy Womb Chakra plays a crucial role and will receive special attention.

The three pathways are:

The sacred connection between your
Holy Womb Chakra and your
Heart Chakra

The sacred connection between your Holy Womb Chakra and your Ovaries:
the Fallopian Tubes

The sacred connection between
your Ovaries and your Breasts

* There is no need to undress as we will work within your Light Body.

* Do not worry should you no longer physically have any of these feminine organs. Their energetic blueprint (their perfect template) is still present and this is what we will address and work with.

The main benefits

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Online yet personal & profound

How do these six months work?

  • You don’t need to work with a complex Mantra and Yantra system as taught in ancient Indian traditions. The Mary Magdalene Light, your essence vibrations and the Attunements will ignite and guide the exquisite yet profound inner process. Easy and effective!

  • You can start your six months’ journey at any time.

  • Each month you will receive a 1-hour, online private session with Harriët to evaluate the previous month and ignite the next step.

What does this six months
Light Program consist of?

1st Month = Preparation
Your energy system will be prepared for the awakening of your Holy Womb Chakra and the three sacred pathways.

2nd Month = Filling your Holy Womb Chakra with Light
Your Holy Womb Chakra will be ignited with an Attunement (delivered by Harriët, online), and will enter a purification process, and be connected to your Heart Chakra.

3rd Month = Pelvic Heart Activation
The Sacred Connection between your Holy Womb Chakra and your ovaries will be awakened, balancing being and doing.

4th Month = Grounding your Holy Womb Chakra
Your Holy Womb Chakra will be purified at a deeper level and profoundly connected within the Earth Mother by a unique and grounding Attunement (online, with Harriët).

5th Month = Holy Chest Activation
The Sacred Connection between your ovaries and breasts will be ignited. As your bosom is nurtured by this higher frequency of being, it will enable your love and the eternal goodness of the Mother Goddess to flow freely into the world.

6th Month = Integration
Your journey will gently come to its natural completion.

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What you will receive

This profound six-month Light Program is a true investment in yourself – a gift of the utmost Love!

1) Seven private
1-hour sessions
with Harriët
(€175 each)

Total Value €1.225

2) Two unique
(€250 each)

Total Value €500

3)  Eight essences containing
The Mary Magdalene Light

(€29,98 each)

Total Value €239,84

Mary Magdalene Scarf

4) A gorgeous exclusive scarf, transmitter of
The Mary Magdalene Light

Worth €49,95

5)  A velvet journal to log
your experiences, insights
and transformations

Value €10

6) A complementary pouch
to keep your monthly
essence safe

Value €5,50

You will also receive free of charge:

  • A practical case to keep your stock of essences (real cost €12,50)

  • Two Mary’s Light essence vibrations (value €59,96)

  • Two reserve dropper bottles, should you lose or break one (real cost €3)

  • An essence reading (by email) with each essence vibration, as we start each new month of the journey

  • The postage and packaging of your essences, wherever you are in the world

In a nutshell, the total value of this Advanced Light Program amounts to over €2.100 euro.

What you receive however is of course priceless and of extraordinary value for the rest of your life.

I am delighted to offer you this
1:1 profound and personal Light Program for €1.975 euro.

Priceless, profound and personal

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Before entering this 6-month journey, you will have a free call with Harriët. Together, you will take a look at whether this is the right time for you to embark on this journey or at when would be most appropriate to start this Light Program.

For the acceptance procedure you will be asked to:

– Fill in an intake form with personal details including your psychological background
– Sign a consent form that explains Harriët’s ways of working, including the attunements.

Your Higher Self is in control of the journey. Therefore, your system will never receive more input and Light than it can cope with. Your Higher Self is the part of you that is not incarnated and holds infinite wisdom about your system.

Our high-vibrational essences are key to the success of your Light Program. Each month you use one bottle. They have no scent, are not for diffusion, but are meant for oral intake.

Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water:
– first thing in the morning,
– halfway through your day, and
– when you go to bed at night.

Should you have ordered alcohol-free essences, then you only take two drops instead of three, as the drops themselves are larger.

For full effect, continue as mentioned above until your bottle is empty.

Each 10ml essence bottle consists of The Mary Magdalene Light, an additional energy pattern, water and approximately 30% alcohol for preservation (unless you ordered the alcohol-free version).

Our essences do not conflict with homeopathy or any other medication.

These essences provide additional support and should not be taken instead of medication issued by a qualified health practitioner.

Of course you can. You can stop the journey at any time, should you wish to do so. Please be aware that The Mary Magdalene Light starts to gently prepare and support your system from the instant you make your financial exchange. Therefore, no refunds are possible.

Cancellation Policy

  • If you cancel before the 15th of December, we will keep €350 euro in administration costs.
  • If you cancel between 15th of December and the 1st of January, we will keep 50% of your fee.
  • If you cancel after the 1st of January, the full fee will be charged and you will receive no refund.
  • If you decide to stop during the program, you will not receive a refund.
  • In the event of force majeure (unforeseen conditions), Harriët is entitled to cancel the program.
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The Origin of this Journey lies in Israel

The ‘Awakening The Magdalene Within’ journey was originally designed as an exclusive five-day retreat for eight women only at the shore of the lake Galilee in Israel.

The idea was to visit sacred sites and walk in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, we could not travel and Harriët decided to offer the retreat contents in an online program.

As a result, our journey went far beyond what we could have done in a five-day retreat in Israel and this is what you will receive too.



‘An invaluable part of my Soul Journey’

‘This journey focused my energies towards the Divine Feminine in a way that I hadn’t gone deeply into before. My relationship with the Divine Feminine is much stronger than it was. Transformative really. The Divine Feminine is now everything to me. And I now talk about balancing my own Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.

This is the era of the Divine Feminine coming into her own, and the Age of Aquarius, and all the rest of it. The journey of Awakening The Magdalene Within has come at a time where it is so needed. There is no better time to link into it. The journey was a step at a time, beautiful really. It was very comforting, brilliant, enlightening and at times blissful.
It is so powerful.

Harriët, your total commitment to it all and being there for us, supportive and enlightening us every step of the way. It all felt really invaluable as part of my Soul Journey. Writing this, makes me feel quite emotional actually. It has been a great journey and I will miss it.

I can totally recommend the “Awakening of The Magdalene Within” to others. This Program is definitely not to be missed – if you want to really transform! There is no playing with this. Don’t miss it, it is right up there!’

Eluna, United Kingdom

‘An exhilarating reboot
that brought peace to my life’

‘The journey of Awakening the Magdalene Within was an exhilarating internal reboot which brought me back to myself and made me feel more whole again.
I rediscovered my true Essence.

The journey has broken down my resistance to Love, helped me to connect more deeply with my own body and the Divine Feminine within me.

I am more at one with my gentle feminine power and am so grateful for the balance and peace that this has brought to my life. Thank you so much, Harriët.’

Nora Therese, Ireland

‘I have gained a deeper
connection to my womb’

‘I am blessed and feel honoured to have been given the opportunity to take part in this journey. I have gained clarity, insight, healing and feel a deeper connection to my heart and womb. I had a lot of issues around the womb which have been cleared.

The essences are amazing, especially the twin essences. I’ve never experienced anything like them, and I found that they work on all levels of being. Thank you Harriët for being with us and guiding us through the journey.’

Tricia, United Kingdom

‘Absolutely recommendable for all women!!’

‘A deep and transformational journey which changed my life in many ways. It not only brought so much more awareness to the importance of my physical female attributes and unlocked their sacred tasks. It also opened the door for uniting with the Divine Feminine which brought among other things the qualities of balance, grounding and a new presence within myself.

Awakening the Magdalene Within provided me with everything I needed to prepare for, face and feel able to take on my new Life Mission as the Heart of the Divine Plan Healing System.

Thank your dear Harriët for guiding us through this wonderful journey.
Absolutely Recommendable for all Women!!

Alexandra, Germany
‘This journey helped me to break free’

‘The essences played a huge part on my journey. So pure, raising challenging issues, but helping to bridge & integrate during each stage of the process. Each one stretching me to reveal the darkness of old stuck energy & beliefs I still held within, and enabling me to witness the reflection of who I truly am.

I witnessed tears & tantrums, anger & resentment, but also a lot of laughter and joy as the “layers” started to fall away. It helped me embrace & transform the darkness within, breaking free from my “Fear of Life”. The pure Mary Magdalene Light nurtured and held me as I sailed through these strong currents of energy. Guiding me towards calm waters, stillness, restoring me.

Was it an easy task? No, nothing of “True Value” is given lightly.

Did I feel I grew as a result? Absolutely.

Much love and blessings,’

Annette, United Kingdom

Do you still have questions?

If you have any more questions about the program and your individual situation, please do not hesitate to ask.

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