The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission


Replenish your system, uplift yourself

Are you looking to:

  • Replenish your system with the purest Feminine Light,
  • Connect deeper with the Divine Feminine within and without,
  • Boost your self-confidence,

then I invite you to participate in The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission, an empowering embrace of the Divine Feminine.

This is a global and remote event, so you can receive this uplifting Light anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your own home.

  • You do not need to login to a website or be online
  • You are free to set your own personal intention

Once you sign up, you will receive a link to a file with details, tips and instructions.

When registering below, you are asked to select between the 24-hour or the 1-hour option:

  • Drink in The Mary Magdalene Light during 24 hours
    Your heart will drink in the replenishing Mary Magdalene Light for a whole 24-hours, from midnight to midnight. You do not need to sit or be or do anything specific. Your heart will drink in the manifold qualities of this pure and feminine Light while you go about your life as usual. This 24-hour option includes a BONUS: an additional 1-hour focused healing. You decide on the day of the event if you would like to receive this healing as well – no pressure if you do not.
  • Sign up for the 1-hour focused healing ONLY
    You will receive on the day of the event, at the time that suits you best, a 1-hour remote healing. Simply lie down, cover yourself to create a sacred space, and ask The Mary Magdalene Light to give you healing. If you like, you can set a specific target, such as an insight or support with a challenging situation.

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    If you wish to register more than one person, please click add to basket first, then return to the product and fill in the details for the next participant.

    Please note, only the person completing the checkout will be the one who receives the instructions.

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How this Light Transmission works

1) Sign up and mark your calendar!
2) Give some thought to your healing intention.
3) Enjoy the supportive, healing and replenishing qualities of The Mary Magdalene Light on the date of the event.

Do you have deep seated mental problems?

Light Transmissions are not recommended if you suffer from deep seated mental issues such as psychosis or other psychological disorders. You are responsible for your health and well-being and this includes choosing to take a healing of any modality.


Once you have registered, please check your inbox for the order confirmation. It contains:

  • Downloadable instructions on how to prepare yourself for The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission
  • Downloadable instructions on how to take your essence, and how to prepare a bottle to receive the vibration (if you have opted for the essence transmission)

If you haven’t received the mail, please check your spam folder.

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24-Hour Light Transmission PLUS bonus healing, 1-Hour focused healing ONLY

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