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Why would I be best able to realign you with the replenishing Divine Feminine Energies within and without?

The journey from the obedient woman, to the slandered one, and on to the fulfilled and self-actualised woman, is the path I took.

  • It is the journey from the head, to the heart, to the womb.

  • It is the journey from the imprint of a male driven society, to self-sovereignty, cradled by the Divine Feminine Consciousness, also known as the velvet womb, that encompasses all, or the Divine Mother.

  • It is the journey from self-denial, to balance, to inner peace.

The path you are walking, is one I am most familiar with. Eventually I took that experience and learning and set out on my path to become a channel of The Mary Magdalene Light in order to ease your burden and pave the way for your journey.

Harriët Kroon Healer - Mary Magdalene Light

My fear of the feminine

My life’s journey started with utter disgust and hatred of my feminine body, combined with an immense fear of its powerful qualities. At the time I wasn’t aware of the deep-seated baggage I had inherited from my ancestors and previous lifetimes. I just wondered why I attracted all kinds of abuse and drama. Eventually, my subconscious need for self-destruction led to an indescribable burnout in 2001 that lasted years. It is only once I surrendered to my destiny and embraced the healer – and eventually the spiritual teacher – within me, that my body decided to support me and started to heal.

‘You can’t choose your destiny; your destiny chooses you’

Surrendering to the Womb of Creation

My odyssey was long and profound. I became a Reiki Master, graduated from the world-renowned Barbara Brennan School of Healing (2011), learned Theta Healing, became a Teacher of The Emerald Heart Light, developed The Divine Plan Healing System, founded The Divine Plan Healing School (2015) and gradually developed into one of the two ‘Principal Light Carriers’ of The Emerald Heart Light (2019), a spiritual light that opens the heart and evolves the consciousness.

My whole journey was about turning inwards, ever deeper, diving into the subconscious, freeing myself from limiting fears, negative beliefs, self-sabotaging patterns and deeply engrained self-hatred. To become fully healthy again, I had no choice but to reconnect with the Feminine Forces that I so feared, internally and externally. Ultimately, I surrendered to the Womb of Creation and came home. Inner peace was the reward.

The Love Embrace of the Universe, the Earth (Mexico), Myself,
Diego and Señor Xolotl.
By Frida Kahlo in
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Channeling The Mary Magdalene Light

In the early summer of 2017, my heart had reached a certain level of spiritual maturity, when, out of the blue, it started to channel a new spiritual light, called The Mary Magdalene Light. I had to overcome quite some existential fears in order to acknowledge the life task that came with it. Now I wholeheartedly enjoy guiding others to their missing link with this pure and feminine Light.

Snippet from a live recording. Harriët shares how she became the channel of The Mary Magdalene Light (six years after graduating at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing), and explains how this Divine Feminine Light can help you.

The Mary Magdalene Light guided me in making essence vibrations, conducting Light Transmissions and on how to bring light into the hearts of those who were also seeking. I offer many practical tools and recurring remote events with participants on all continents, such as these previous highly rated online programs:

  • The Mary Magdalene Magical Months, October 2018 – May 2019

  • The Rebirth Weekend, May 2019

  • The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light, four times, December 2019 – December 2020

What people say

‘Definitely a turning point in my life’

‘A life-changing journey with immense gifts. I received here what my soul had been searching for since decades, a journey towards wholeness and healing. Harriët is a highly competent and loving teacher and guide through this journey which is definitely a turning point in my life. A breakthrough to fully embracing self-love in all aspects of my life which I truly recommend to everyone.’

Alexandra, Germany, The Mary Magdalene Magical Months (online program, 2018-2019)

‘It feels just right’

‘Congratulations on being the chosen vessel for this Light associated with Mary Magdalene. It feels just right.’

Lucy-Kate, Australia

‘Something about you is very deep and sincere’

‘I saw your photograph… I felt very drawn to you. There is something about you that is very, very deep and sincere. Very true and feminine in a strong yet gentle way. Your eyes looked through me and spoke a hello… and I saw a sister.’

Andrea, United Kingdom

‘You are such a positive role model’

‘A HUGE thank you for all the time, effort and love you have put into the Divine Plan Healing School, it has enriched my life and the life of many others. I really admire you for this, you are such a positive role model for me in trusting guidance.’

Phillipa, England

Harriët truly walks her talk’

‘Harriët enables growth and development in a very natural and supportive manner. She invites you to share and shares herself as well, honest, subtle, clear and very inspiring. Harriët truly walks & lives her talk! This retreat was a truly beautiful experience.’

Astrid, The Netherlands, Divine Plan Retreat, South of France, June 2018
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Are you craving for balance and inner peace?

Have you been on the spiritual path for a while and is your system still craving for balance and inner peace? I would not be surprised if reconnection with the Divine Mother is your missing link. I would be honoured to support you in your journey inwards, to help you find your way to wholeness and inner peace.

  • I went through decades of self-development to be able to be your guide, mentor or teacher.

  • I am here to serve you with The Mary Magdalene Light, portal to the replenishing nourishment from the Mother of All That Is, the womb of creation.

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As this website shows, I can serve you in many ways. Some offers are self-help tools, like essence vibrations, accessories infused with Light and remote Light Transmissions. If you prefer personal guidance and support, opt for a 1-hour comprehensive consultation.

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Professional standards and ethics

I believe standards and ethics are crucial, hence all my therapies are in line with the regulations and professional ethics of the VBAG, a professional Dutch organisation in the field of complementary medicine (Vereniging ter Bevordering van Alternatieve Geneeswijzen). I am also registered with the RBCZ Tuchtregister, a Dutch centre of expertise for complaints, calamities and disputes in the care and welfare sector.

I offer my sessions in English or Dutch.
My online programs and events are all in English, unless mentioned otherwise.

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