The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

Receive nurturing Light for
24 hours and feel as if reborn

Optional free extra:

1-hour focused healing (remote)

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

Receiving nurturing Light for 24 hours and feel as if reborn

Optional extra:
1-hour focused healing (remote)

Receiving is very easy

Immerse yourself for 24 hours in the most nurturing, unconditional and wholesome Light you can imagine, and feel as if reborn!

A 24-hour Light Transmission can be taken anywhere in the world, and:

  • Uplifts your heart and system
  • Aligns you with your essence

  • Offers healing for anything you need in the moment

Receive healing anywhere

You don’t have to sit still to receive
Your system will drink in the gentle Mary Magdalene Light as you go about your daily life as usual. You can work, travel and have fun whilst receiving the Light!

Receiving can start at any time
The transmission will start the moment you register and stops 24 hours later.

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For which sort of situation is this beneficial?

The Mary Magdalene Light is also known as the Feminine Christ Light and has four key qualities.
It is mothering, nurturing, soothing and calming – all crucial elements in this era of personal transformation. A vital support to truly live your feminine power.

A remote Light Transmission is highly beneficial in any situation where you may need a boost of one of these key qualities. Some people choose to take it to just enjoy the beautiful embrace.

Over the years, we have seen that many people take Light Transmissions for:

Boosting self-confidence

The Mary Magdalene Light helps you create a stronger sense of self-worth and
positive feelings about your body.

Connecting with your
innate feminine power

The Mary Magdalene Light gently helps you to embrace your feminine qualities,
and to connect with Mother Earth
and The Mother Goddess.

Finding inner peace

The healing qualities of
The Mary Magdalene Light are amazing for becoming whole, feeling complete
and experiencing inner peace.

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‘The warm embrace was so soothing and cleansing’

‘It did me a lot of good. For the additional healing, I even lay for an hour.
At first I felt reluctant to open up as I was in self-protective shut down,
then I felt the connection and was emotional and then the warm embrace came,
so soothing and cleansing and I believe I drifted into a much needed healing sleep.’

Julie, The Netherlands

‘Six days later, I still feel light and inspired’

‘The 24 hours in The Mary Magdalene Light were wonderful and six days later,
I still feel light and inspired.’

Irene, Germany

‘I felt buoyant all day long’

‘Thank you for the Light Transmission. I truly felt buoyant all day
and my little daughter appeared to feel the same way.’

Z., Australia

‘The one-hour focused healing reinvigorated me’

I took the one-hour focused healing during a busy weekend of activities and festivities, and it made me feel so balanced and reinvigorated. I took a break from everything around 3pm, lay down and immediately relaxed deeply. I would occasionally rise to the surface during the healing, notice that the process was not yet finished, and then sink back down deeper again. That night I also slept particularly well, deeply, and peacefully.

All in all, it was a balancing and uplifting experience. It was wonderful. Thank you.

Githa, The Netherlands

‘I felt calm and positive in front of hundreds of men’

‘The day of the Light Transmission, I was working as an actress on a very challenging gig, one of the most challenging to date. It was a Health and Safety play for a mostly male audience of construction workers, truck drivers etc. I had a big role as Safety Officer. I asked The Mary Magdalene Light for help for the day with staying strong in delivering the piece in front of hundreds of people. I felt strong all day, rehearsing and preparing.

I also did a one-hour focused healing and I could feel the heat surge through my body, my hands and legs were literally stuck to the bed. A steely calmness came over me.

I felt calm and positive and felt the Light with me as I completed the gig successfully and in my interactions with my colleagues. Thank you so much.’

Norette, Ireland

‘Even navigating through drunk people wasn’t stressful’

‘It was a great day for me. I sat consciously in the Light for many hours in the day and felt very soft and very held. In the evening I went to a birthday party and had a lovely time talking with some old friends, just feeling very present and relaxed. Even navigating through lots of drunk people on my way home through the underground was a rather chilled experience, whereas I often find it stressful and jarring.

All in all it was a special day, no huge spiritual or energetic fireworks, but peaceful and loving which I’m sure is exactly what I needed. Thank you very much Harriët.’

Tim, England

‘It was very deep and transforming’

‘I could feel a constant light vibration flowing through me most of the day. At around 6pm I lay down to receive a focused healing and as I relaxed my body, I could feel the intensity of the vibrations increase ever so comfortably. I could describe it as welcoming, soothing as it worked its way through my physical body little by little. At some point I fell asleep, and when I awoke, I had had really clear and vivid dreams. It was deep, very deep and transforming.’

Arvin, Guatemala

‘I became present in my whole body’

‘Thank you very much for the Light Transmission. I also took the one-hour healing. My heart became warm with very soft loving energy, which I also felt in myself. I landed in myself, became present in my whole body. Afterwards I was pink. I look forward to starting with the Mary’s Light essence. 💗  ’

Lynn, The Netherlands

‘It was gentle and non-intrusive’

‘When I lay down to receive the one-hour focused healing, I could sense Mary Magdalene’s presence near me as a support. Watching me. It is gentle and non-intrusive, allowing me to receive at my own pace. I fell asleep and when I awoke, I knew the healing had ended. I was aware over the course of the day of a general boost or flow of Light in the background. I get the feeling it did a lot of deep work, but I don’t know what that was. Overall guidance seems to flow more easily, and I feel more connected to everything, nature etc.’

Mary, Ireland

How it works

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission
can be started at any moment in time

Fee: €24.95

The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission

1) The Mary Magdalene Light
will be sent remotely.

From the moment you sign up, your heart will receive the nurturing Mary Magdalene Light for 24 hours.

  • This pure, feminine Light will weave a protective cloak around you.

  • It will also free you of old attachments and energies.

  • You may set an intention for the day, but you don’t have to. A remote Light Transmission is in all events mothering, nurturing, soothing and calming.

  • Optionally, in addition you can choose to receive a 1-hour focused healing. Free of charge.

Mary's Light Essence

2) Prolong your experience
for 6 weeks with an
essence vibration

If you wish, you can add the essence vibration ‘Mary’s Light’ to your cart, to prolong the benefits of your Light Transmission.

  • The essence of Mary’s Light is liquid light in a bottle. It contains the vibration of The Mary Magdalene Light.

  • It has no scent and is not for diffusion. You drink it to deeply infuse your whole system with its benefits.

  • This high-vibrational essence brings personal evolution and healing for six more weeks.

Discounted price: 24.98 euro.
Excellent value for money.

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This Light Transmission is not intended as a replacement
for medical care and/or medication from a qualified health practitioner.


You may invite the Light to offer you a focused healing at any time within the 24 hours. This is optional, not a must.

• You may set an intention, like receiving insight or support with a challenging situation. If you do not, you will receive healing for your highest good.

• To receive your focused healing, you must lay down for 30 – 60 minutes.

I don’t need to know; you can take the 1-hour healing any time within the 24 hours of your Light Transmission. Just lay down, cover yourself and then set your intention to receive. It is as easy as that!

The bonus healing is an optional extra and does not have to be taken. The Light Transmission is already beneficial and deeply nourishing in itself. For the Light Transmission you don’t need to sit still or lay down. For the healing however, you MUST lay down to receive. Why? You will most likely enter a deep space within yourself, similar to falling asleep.

I work in co-creation with The Mary Magdalene Light. I have agreed with this Spiritual Light that a Light Transmission will start at the very moment someone registers (which means the moment they set their intention to receive). Next, I will take care of the procedure for you to receive The Magdalene Light over 24 hours.

Each 10ml essence bottle consists of The Mary Magdalene Light, water and approximately 30% alcohol for preservation (unless you ordered the alcohol-free version).

  • Our essences do not conflict with homeopathy or any other medication.
  • Our essences provide additional support and should not be taken instead of medication issued by a qualified health practitioner.

Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water:
– first thing in the morning,
– halfway through your day, and
– when you go to bed at night.

Should you have ordered alcohol-free essences, then you only need two tiny drops at each take, as the drops themselves are larger.

For full effect, continue as mentioned above until your bottle is empty.

We simply cannot predict what you will experience. Everyone responds differently to a Light Transmission. And each time you participate, your experience will be different depending on your needs at that moment.

Those who receive Light Transmissions often describe receiving deep insights, tingling body sensations and body temperature fluctuations. Some report interesting coincidences. You might experience a sudden release of emotion, which means you are letting go of a blockage, and this will allow you to connect deeper with your essence and higher purpose.

The Mary Magdalene Light is naturally for free. I see this fee as a fair exchange for the time, energy and elaboration it takes me to bring this Light into the world and make it available to you.

Our Light Transmissions are not recommended if you suffer from deep-seated mental issues such as psychosis or other psychological disorders. You are responsible for your health and well-being, and this includes choosing to take a healing of any modality.

If you would like personal advice on your specific situation, please contact Harriët.

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Do you still have questions?

If you have never received a Light Transmission before, it can be difficult to know if it’s right for you or how it works. If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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