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Welcome to The Mary Magdalene Light

Portal to The Divine Mother

Are you living your life primarily out of your head, using mainly logic and strategy to try and achieve what you want?

What if you were able to live an abundant life from a place of intuition, of trust and inner peace, instead of constantly feeling stressed and overwhelmed by the goals you feel you have to achieve?

Enter The Mary Magdalene Light.

The Mary Magdalene Light is the purest feminine Spiritual Light you can imagine, with an abundance of healing properties. It not only helps you become whole by reconnecting you with your feminine qualities, but also serves as a portal to The Mother of All That Is (The Divine Mother, The She, The Womb of Creation).

The Mary Magdalene Light is of great support in finding your way back to the calming and grounding feminine resources

  • within yourself

  • in nature

  • In the Universe

As the original channel of The Mary Magdalene Light, I am well-equipped in providing you (all genders) with this abundant and generous healing source of pure Light, wherever you are in the world.

How does The Mary Magdalene Light work?

The Mary Magdalene Light is absolute consciousness and contains universal intelligence and unconditional love. Immersing yourself with this Light is empowering, as it raises your frequency. Raising your vibration with The Mary Magdalene Light has many beneficial effects:

  • It transforms lower energy frequencies, such as negative beliefs and fears into love and light
  • It clearly reveals non-supportive or undermining habits and makes it easier to let them go
  • It awakes your innate feminine qualities like (self-)care, tenderness and the art of being, and this will make you whole
  • It stimulates and purifies The Holy Womb Chakra, the creation chamber common to all genders
  • It reignites energetic connections with The Divine Mother that have been blocked or frozen

Of course, this cannot all be done in an instant. Realigning with the Divine Feminine Forces is a gradual process, in which your own Higher Self is in charge.

Now how to immerse yourself with the pure, feminine Mary Magdalene Light?
You can do this in many ways, pick the one that suits you best. I offer simple and effective tools for all budgets, such as Light Transmissions, essences infused with Light or email programs. I serve worldwide and offer most of my services remote.

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Great results: self-love, inner peace and fulfilling life

Inevitable, powerful results of working with The Mary Magdalene Light are:

  • Self-love, by embracing your missing link. Not feeling good enough is often a result of disvaluing your innate feminine qualities

  • Inner peace, by harmonizing your masculine and feminine attributes and reconnecting with the replenishing Divine Mother

  • A fulfilling life lived intuitively and trustfully from your inner womb of creation, the Holy Womb Chakra. This is the chakra behind all chakras that is deeply connected with The Mother of All That Is. All genders have it, but it requires advanced spiritual work to access.

An insightful experience of a male participant

‘The Light showed me what the feminine power really means’

‘The day I registered for The Mary Magdalene Light Transmission, I was moved to do an analytical meditation and my thoughts gently drifted to the role of important females in my life: mom, grandmothers, aunts, friends, partners, etc., and the role that they played in different relationships, work, goals, and family. I realized that in ALL the cases, their inner strength, drive and compassion far outweighed that of their male counterparts (including myself).

I was able to see clearly and understand what the feminine power really meant, and to see it from afar, objectively, without emotional involvement. I could see, in every case and many more afterwards as this thought is still with me today, how the feminine power could go beyond the obvious male strength and hold things together a lot better in times of crisis. It put a lot of personal things into perspective, but maybe more importantly, it made me understand our global situation a lot better, especially in matters of balancing Divine Feminine and Masculine energies. I have been very present of this since that day, and I even feel that it allowed me to open up a little more to the staggering feminine energies within myself that I had been oppressing.’

Arvin, Guatemala

The Divine Mother - Mary Magdalene Light

What is The Divine Mother?

The Divine Mother presents Herself to me as ‘The Mother of All That Is’ or ‘The She’. She is the womb of creation, an ocean of wisdom and love (loving wisdom) that we can all tap in to. It is a purely feminine consciousness that permeates everything that is, including you. It is a source of help and guidance that is ready and waiting to assist. The problem is that most people no longer know how to (re)connect with The Mother of All That Is. It is the missing link in our society, which reflects our individual lives.

FAQ – The Mary Magdalene Light

Let me try to put the difference between healing energy and a spiritual light into words. The Mary Magdalene Light does have healing capacities – actually, immense healing capacities –, but it does much more than that. A Spiritual Light (like The Mary Magdalene Light and also The Emerald Heart Light) is pure consciousness and brings healing through evolution. It helps you with your spiritual development and by doing so, healing naturally takes place. This double benefit makes working with a Spiritual Light relatively inexpensive :).

  1. The frequency of a Spiritual Light is far higher than that of healing energy
  2. A spiritual Light comes directly from The Source
  3. Therefore, it is the purest of the pure
  4. A spiritual Light is pure consciousness
  5. A spiritual Light is an aspect of the intelligence of the God Force
  6. A spiritual Light works fast and very efficiently
  7. Working with a spiritual Light goes beyond healing, it unlocks the God Consciousness in your heart
  8. A spiritual Light works at the Fifth Dimension and beyond, the level of consciousness where all is one. This is the highest level on which healing and awareness can take place

Of course, it is. This Spiritual Light might be purely feminine, but it serves all genders in their search for wholeness and to embrace their sovereignty. We are all wounded by thousands of years of patriarchy and The Mary Magdalene Light helps all those looking to restore balance between the masculine and the feminine.

It took me a while to figure out that this spiritual light was not the light of Mary Magdalene’s consciousness. It is a pure and feminine spiritual light, emanating directly from the Source. I did not invent or give it this name, on the contrary, it presented itself with the name ‘The Mary Magdalene Light’.

The Mary Magdalene Light plays an important role in the era we have come to live in, the era in which the Divine Feminine Consciousness is reclaiming its space. The Mary Magdalene Light has come into the earth realm to help you to live your feminine power – no matter your gender. In other words, The Mary Magdalene Light helps you to become ‘a Mary Magdalene’.

Mary Magdalene was a woman who fully stood in her power, accepting, and owning herself completely, driven by service to the world. She lived in the first century and was called a prostitute by the Roman Catholic church for over 1400 years. In June 2016, pope Francis corrected this error and nowadays she is celebrated as the apostle to the apostles and a role model for humanity.

In the spiritual world, Mary Magdalene is a role model for anyone wishing to become whole and reconnected with the Divine Mother. That is what the name ‘The Mary Magdalene Light’ refers too.

Please note that my work is not connected to any religion.