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1 – 22 December 2022

CELEBRATION: 5th Anniversary of our most popular program!
PLUS the gift of an Essence Transmission (Value €29.98)
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Each morning a Light Parcel by email

December can be a challenging month. Would you like to fill your December Days with Healing Light? Welcome to our most popular Light Program!

The 22 RAYS of The Mary Magdalene Light’ is an easy to follow 22-day email program to (re)connect deeply with 22 Divine Feminine Qualities within you and around you.

The Mary Magdalene Light is the purest of pure feminine Spiritual Light.

From the 1st to the 22nd of December, each morning you receive an email that delivers ‘The Ray of The Day’, one of the 22 Divine Feminine Qualities. As soon as you open it, your heart will receive a boost of uplifting and healing Light!

Participating in The 22 Rays takes only 15 minutes of Quality Time every day.

The 22 RAYS works a bit like an advent calendar. In three weeks we build up to the peak: the 24-hour Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on the 22nd of December.

This December, I will offer The 22 RAYS for the fifth time and to celebrate this anniversary, all participants will receive 3 extra bonuses.

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VIDEO: Harriët Kroon interviewed by Julie Kennedy

22 Days of Spiritual Support, Growth and Healing

Hello, I’m Harriët Kroon, and I would like to invite you to join this worldwide Gift of Light.

We live in the era of the Rise of the Divine Feminine Energies, which means that we – all genders – may let go of patriarchal patterning and heal feminine woundings.

If you are seeking growth and healing in one of the following themes, then The 22 RAYS is for you.

Fill Inner Emptiness with
Nurturing Love

Perhaps you experience a hollow void in yourself because your mother was not able to nurture you emotionally. The Mary Magdalene Light is the most soothing and nurturing Unconditional Love you can imagine.

Awaken Hidden Feminine

The Mary Magdalene Light helps to recognize and embrace innate feminine qualities that are not valued by society but of crucial importance to your health and well-being (e.g. intuition, compassion, gentleness, care, harmony).

Align with the Divine
Feminine Forces

The Mary Magdalene Light is an evolutionary Light. It supports you in your personal evolution and can realign you with the two mother principles that carry you: Mother Earth and the primordial Womb of Creation.

Heal Patriarchal

Our patriarchal history has distorted the masculine and feminine balance within ourselves. The Mary Magdalene Light heals masculine and feminine woundings.

Heal and Cultivate

The Mary Magdalene Light helps you gain a stronger sense of self-worth, including positive feelings about your body and sexuality.

Clear Negative Energies from Your Aura

The Mary Magdalene Light is a Spiritual Light that clears your aura from negative energies.

Experiences with
The 22 Rays email program

‘I felt held in love for 22 days’

‘I felt held in love from the moment the first Ray arrived, and this love grew and grew over the 22 days. Even on days I struggled, there was an energetic lightness to my reactions; a feeling that everything was as it was meant to be. A sense of surrender.’

Phillipa, United Kingdom

 ‘I received so much more than I invested’

‘I definitely recommend The 22 Rays. I received so much more than I invested!! December is traditionally the busiest and most challenging month of the year for me. Around mid- December, I received the news that my father required more care than he had so far. This realisation triggered a deep process of worrying as well as feeling helpless and overstrained. With The Mary Magdalene Light at my side, all the uneasiness that arose could be illuminated and transformed.’

Irene, Germany

‘I knew that I belong in this life’

‘This 22-day program has been a great experience. After receiving each “Ray of the Day”, I felt relaxed, in peace, as if everything made sense. And I knew that I belong in this life. I felt self-love and gratitude for everything I have in life. Thank you Harriët, for bringing The 22 Rays of The Mary Magdalene Light to us.’

Trini, The Netherlands

‘My special daily pamper time’

‘Value for money, oh yes it was. Participating was a hard decision as I had many bills to pay but felt so strongly that I had to be a recipient of these Blessings of Light. To find some quiet time in a day to sit and open my “Parcel of Light” was such a delight. My special pamper time.

The “Parcels of Light”delivered over the 22 days brought me great warmth and peace. I felt happier, less daunted by daily struggles. Life went on, but my attitude shifted to feeling blessed and blissed. I was definitely less snappy with loved ones, I had more patience, I awoke with a smile on my face totally refreshed. I feel gratitude for the prompting and chance to explore the aspects of the Divine Feminine. Thank you so much Harriët”

Darryl, United Kingdom

What you receive is invaluable’

‘Although I had already participated in The 22 Rays, it felt like the first time. I was very pleased that Harriët offered it again, and found the experience uplifting and healing, my heart expanding and taking me deeper. I would recommend that if you get the opportunity, take the program. What you receive is invaluable.’

Patricia, Scotland

‘My writing was elevated to another level’

‘I journal most days, but whilst I was in the Light of The 22 Rays, my writing flowed in a way it never has before: with guidance, poetry, thoughts and feelings. It was effortless and the words very meaningful.’

Phillipa, England

‘Participating for the second time was well worth it’

‘The experience of receiving The 22 Rays was deeper the second time. I felt a much deeper connection to each Ray. It was almost as if I was seeing some words and sentences in the daily Teachings for the first time. I could really identify, from the depths of my heart, with what they were telling me. Some Rays were also easier to grasp this time round as if some healing had taken place since the first one. A wonderful experience again. It is well worth the investment, and I would highly recommend it. Thank you Harriët.’

Norette, Ireland

‘Like a warm bath’

‘I am participating for the second time, and I’m once again impressed by the wonderful, beautiful Rays. Some Rays resonated immediately, and others felt more distant which is making me wonder why. I am going to read and feel through the texts again, step by step. Yesterday I felt myself held in the arms of Mary Magdalene, I felt enormously cherished. It was like a warm bath. I take that warm feeling with me, by hugging myself regularly, it feels wonderfully powerful and loving towards myself.’

Nicky, The Netherlands

‘The 22 Rays gave me a lot more than I expected’

‘This email program gave me a lot more than I would have thought. It was wonderful receiving a bit of these different feminine qualities every day. Some of them were in resonance with my being, and with others there was a little resistance, or more of a feeling of not knowing them so well. I am also really grateful for the “Mary’s Light” essence drops, to get that light fill every day, to keep going embracing that distant darkness. It was definitely worth the investment. I even recommended The 22 Rays to a friend and she joined.’

Kristina, Sweden

‘These 22 days gave me clarity, simplicity and focus’

‘I had a very good 22 days. How beautiful, inspiring, and nourishing the 22 Teachings were! They were also confronting though… I had to adjust  my attitude towards life. The focus and energy built up over 22 days and I started having more energy, opening up, daring to speak out, to make choices in an easy way, with an overview brought from the perspective of clarity. Clarity, simplicity and focus: these are my take-aways of The 22 Rays. A big thank you.’

Marjolein, The Netherlands

‘The results exceeded my high expectations’

‘The 22 Rays program was definitely well worth the investment, and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about the next 22 Rays, do not hesitate! My expectations were high, but the results exceeded them. I am looking forward to working with Harriet again, with this very special, loving, feminine Light.’

Phillipa, England
‘The Ray of Self-Love helped clear heavy family energies’

‘What a beautiful and special journey The 22 Rays gave me. In the third week of the email program, I was able to say goodbye to former family homes in a village where my father and I were born, and my late grandparents lived. I visited both houses. It was on the day of Ray 16, called Self-Love. I asked my grandparents, the area with their former house and the street to release the heavy family history (with much humiliation, gossip, neighbour control, suspicions by the church community), and did so from a sense of self-love and self-esteem. I told them that they did well at the time. It felt great to do that. When I entered grandpa and grandma’s street  the energy felt heavy; when I left it felt lighter, flowing with ease.’

Marjolein, The Netherlands

‘No need to comfort eat’

‘I noticed that I did not comfort eat whilst receiving The Rays, in fact I did not think about my tricky relationship with food at all. I just ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. I am sure this is because I was so full of self-love and Mary Magdalene’s love, that I was fully satisfied with myself and life. This felt particularly liberating for me, as it has been an issue for many years.’

Phillipa, United Kingdom

What’s Included in The 22 Rays

Receiving is very easy

  • Energetic preparation (from the date that you sign up) to prepare your system to receive all benefits from this Light Program

  • 15 Minutes of daily quality time for yourself
  • 22 Spiritual Teachings on 22 Divine Feminine Qualities, sent daily by email from 1-22 December

  • 22 Rays of Healing Light, each representing 22 Divine Feminine Qualities, one per day in a five minute Light Transmission

Our total price in previous years: €222
Our 5th Anniversary includes 3 extra bonuses:

  • 24 Hour remote Mary Magdalene Light Transmission on the 22nd of December (value €24.95 euro)

  • A live Community Call on the 22nd of December with the opportunity to share and connect with other participants (optional)

  • Free Transmission of the ‘Mary’s Light’ Essence Vibration
    (value €29.98 euro)

When you add it all up, the value of the program is almost €300 Euro.
But how can you put a price on your growth, healing, and self-worth? It’s priceless really.

Special Anniversary Offer:

€222 €111

with FREE transmission of the ‘Mary’s Light’ essence

(worth €29.98)


A Spiritual Light should not be confused with a light screen or a light bulb. It is Light from the Universe given to help humanity heal and evolve. In fact, The Mary Magdalene Light is the feminine aspect of the Christ Light and a portal to all Divine Feminine Forces, including The Mother of All That Is.

The 22 emails that you will receive in your inbox are a result of Harriët’s spiritual development with The Divine. As she has continued to grow with the guidance of Divine Light, she is given the ability to deliver The Mary Magdalene Light to you by email.
As soon as you open your daily email, you will receive a 5-minute shower of The Mary Magdalene Light. The opening is the activation of the Light. Therefore, it is important that you take time to receive and integrate before you return to your daily life/routine. You decide when to receive your Boost of Light… which moment in the day suits you best.
Yes of course! By repeating The 22 RAYS, you will deepen and enhance your connection with the 22 Divine Feminine Qualities within yourself.

Do you still have questions?

If you are new to The Mary Magdalene Light, it can be difficult to know if it’s right for you or how it works. If you have any more questions please do not hesitate to ask.

My Path to Healing

I’m Harriët Kroon, Channel of The Mary Magdalene Light

I was born in 1963 and live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I studied Cultural Anthropology, attained a second degree in Journalism, had a career as a journalist, editor and author, and then ended up in crisis. My breakdown became my breakthrough, but it took years to reconnect with my soul and its longings.

Nowadays I am Teacher of the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and Channel of The Mary Magdalene Light. I serve people all over the world with distant healings and online consultations, trainings, Light Programs and spiritual events.

My healing path led me to become a Reiki Master and ThetaHealer and complete 5 years of therapist training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Then I discovered The Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment and finally felt my soul had come home.

My life’s missions are to bring The Emerald Heart Light and The Mary Magdalene Light into the world, and to help people to step into their unique blueprint, onto their path and into their gentle power.

The 22 Rays Podcast with Harriët Kroon

Find out even more about this unique, spiritual email program in a podcast interview by Stephan. In this episode, Harriët introduces the first edition of THE 22 RAYS, offered in December 2019.

5th Anniversary Gift! (Value €29.98)

The Essence Vibration Mary’s Light

To celebrate our most popular Light Program, I am offering you a free transmission of the Mary’s Light essence vibration (value €29.98). It is The Mary Magdalene Light captured in a bottle.

This essence will enhance the overall effect of The 22 RAYS
. Its key notes are soothing, calming, nurturing, mothering.

The intake is easy: just three times a day, until the 22nd of December.