Sapphire drop earrings in silver, 2 sizes


Shimmer and radiate The Mary Magdalene Light as you move

Feel the bliss of carrying the support of The Mary Magdalene Light with you as you move through life wearing our stunning earrings. This pure, feminine Spiritual Light feeds you with its beneficial properties and it brightens those who come in touch with you. Through the gems, The Mary Magdalene Light ensures:

  • Authentic connection with your innate femininity
  • Profound connection to self-love

Size: 7x7mm

The pink sapphire:

  • is known as the stone of wisdom and insight
  • works on the heart chakra
  • clears emotional blocks
  • brings joy and unconditional love

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Meant to last

We want you to enjoy year after year your eye-catching, multifaceted gemstones. They are set in solid 925 Sterling silver and finished with a fine layer of Rhodium (sometimes called white gold) to prevent tarnishing. In this way your pieces will retain their pristine beauty.


Our pink sapphires are cultivated in a laboratory, in a pure environment, making them purer than stones found in nature. This enables them to store an incredible amount of Light.


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