Mother Goddess Meditations:
for healing and inner peace

Replenish yourself in the embrace of The Womb of Creation

  • Would you like to experience the utter bliss of inner peace?

  • Are you ready to discover and embody the amazing qualities of the feminine forces within and around you?
  • Are you yearning to reconnect with The Mother of All That Is?

Then The Mother Goddess Meditations are exactly what you need.

These exceptional meditations are profound, sacred channelings with The Mary Magdalene Light. They are given to (re-)establish a deep connection with the Divine Feminine at all levels. Reconnecting with this missing link in our existence is precisely what we need to become whole and find inner peace.

I channel, in all Mother Goddess Meditations, The Mary Magdalene Light to access The Mother of All That Is, also known as the Womb of Creation, or The Mother Goddess.

Mother Earth also plays a key role in these unique meditations.

All Mother Goddess Meditations bring you into a
deep meditative and receptive state in order to:

  • Ground deeply into Mother Earth

  • (Re)connect with The Mother Goddess (The Womb of Creation)

  • (Re)connect with your inner Feminine Forces

  • Replenish your system with the purest Feminine Light

  • Receive transformative healing

Choose The Mother Goddess
Meditation of your choice

Ideal self-help tools to attain inner peace

Each Mother Goddess Meditation is unique and has a specific theme.

They each come as an mp4 file which you can listen to on any device. Every Mother Goddess Meditation is a live recording, meaning that it transmits the power of the channeling as if you are attending the event in person.

You can use Goddess Meditations at any time and as often as you wish or need.

Live Mother Goddess meditation

The Mother Goddess
Meditation – Live

Discover and ignite your
‘Holy Womb Chakra’

Join online 25th June 2021


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Live Mother Goddess meditation

The Mother Goddess
Meditation – Live

Focus to be set by guidance

Join online 22nd August 2021


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Becoming one with Mother Earth - Meditation Download

Becoming one with Mother Earth

Grounding and replenishing

Downloadable recording


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Experiences with
The Mother Goddess Meditations

‘I felt a deep release of some past karma and trauma’

‘Yesterday’s Mother Goddess Meditation was one of the deepest meditations I have ever experienced.
It is difficult to do justice to it in words. I felt my womb chakra expanding in the first part of the meditation when you were grounding us into Mother Earth. I sensed the warm, powerful embrace of Mother Earth. Later on, when you brought in The Mary Magdalene Light and we connected to The Mother of All That Is, I was taken to such a vast space of deep stillness, peace and love that it was hard to come back to the now.

I felt a deep release of some past karma and trauma. I could feel the expansion in the hours following and slept deeply last night. This morning I awoke feeling replenished and grateful for having participated in the meditation. Thank you so much.’

Norette, Ireland

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