Qualified Hosts of The Mary Magdalene Light Circles

Are you looking for a host of The Mary Magdalene Light Circles? These lovely, professional women have trained with me and are ‘Qualified Hosts of The Mary Magdalene Light Circles’. Their events are offered online and at venues. For more details, I invite you to visit their website or contact them personally.

  • The Mary Magdalene Light Circle is a simple gathering of like-minded people in The Mary Magdalene Light. Typically, such a get-together lasts two hours. Drinking in this pure and feminine Spiritual Light is incredibly supportive for personal and spiritual development. It connects you deeply with your innate feminine qualities and The Mother of All That Is.

Harriët Kroon

Harriët Kroon

The Netherlands

+31 (0)646 458 763

Languages: English, Dutch

Contact Harriët

Mary Gallagher


+353 (0)877 813 844

Languages: English

Contact Mary

Daniela Hörath


+49 (0)8442 6162 558

Languages: English, German

Contact Daniela

Alexandra Meyn


+49 (0)160 871 1234

Languages: English, German

Contact Alexandra

Questions about the Light Circles?

Should you be new to The Mary Magdalene Light Circles, it can be difficult to know if it is right for you or how it can specifically help.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with me, Harriët.

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