Advanced Chakra Purification
& Alignment Program

Align your entire system with
The Divine Mother
and come home within Yourself

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  • Have you ever thought of elevating the function of your chakras?

  • Are you ready to allow your Holy Womb Chakra shine to its full ability?
    This is the dormant chakra beyond all chakras.

  • Are you ready to become more at one with your Divine Blueprint?

  • Would you like to build a deep and lasting relationship with the wisdom and replenishing qualities of the Womb of Creation?

  • Are you ready for coming home within yourself?

If your answer to one or more of the above is ‘yes’, then I invite you to journey with me in
the revolutionary ‘Advanced Chakra Purification and Alignment Program’.

7 Chakras of the Human Body

I will guide you, in this one-off,
9-month remote Light Program,
through an easy to follow, home-coming journey. Unprecedented and transformational.

You will have the opportunity to open hidden portals in your chakras where you were not even aware of, and fully reconnect with the essential link that is now missing in our society:

The Womb of Creation,
The Mother of All That Is,
The Divine Mother.

We will start on the 22nd of November 2021.

YOU don’t need to be advanced or have advanced chakra knowledge.

It is the Program that is Advanced. This is a unique opportunity to engage in a Divine Process which is newly given for humanity through The Mary Magdalene Light.
It will align all your chakras with the Ultimate Divine Feminine Source.

Being the original channel of The Mary Magdalene Light,
I can state that you will not find this opportunity anywhere in the world.

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Three main benefits in your daily life:

Feel more alive

You will feel
more alive

Your chakras will function better once purified. This in turn, energises your aura, aligns you with your blueprint and clarifies your life purpose.

Feel more balanced

You will be
more balanced

The hidden portals in your chakras will be reconnected with the Divine Mother, which will help you rediscover and embrace your innate feminine qualities, harmonising your masculine and feminine aspects.

find more peace

You grow towards
inner peace

Aligning your entire system with The Mother of All That Is, opens the door to the Universal Wisdom of the Divine Mother. This will lead to inner peace and eventually to coming home within yourself.

Online yet personal

How does this Revolutionary Light Program work?

I will be with you each step of the way! I will activate a specific Light Transmission for you every month. Each will have a specific purpose. This means that each of the nine months, your system will receive a different Golden Ray of The Mary Magdalene Light.

Each Golden Ray represents a specific Divine Feminine Quality.

Advanced Light Chakra Program

Your Higher Self is in control and therefore you will never receive more Light than you need or can handle.

  • Each magical month starts on the 22nd

  • Each month, one Golden Ray will transmitted for one of your chakras. This is a gradual, step by step process

  • By the end of the nine months, these Golden Rays will have purified and aligned your eight chakras: the seven main ones and your Holy Womb Chakra

  • You will receive an essence vibration with each Golden Ray.

  • On the 22nd of each month, you are invited to join my online chakra meditation

  • Each month, I will send you a channelled Teaching by email

  • The ninth and final month is for integration

You see, minimum time or effort for maximum effect!

The Light, the essence vibrations and your Higher Self, do the most part of the work.

Isn’t it miraculous what you can achieve in only 9 months,
the gestation time for a baby or your own rebirth?

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Too easy to believe?

Read what others have to say about Harriët’s Light Programs

‘Definitely a turning point in my life’

‘The “Mary Magdalene Magical Months” online program was a life-changing journey with immense gifts. I received here what my soul was looking for since decades, a journey towards wholeness and healing.

Harriët is a competent and loving teacher and guide through this journey which is definitely a turning point in my life. A breakthrough to fully embracing self-love in all aspects of my life and truly recommendable for everybody.’

Alexandra, Germany, The Mary Magdalene Magical Months, 2018-2019

‘An exhilarating reboot that brought peace to my life’

‘The journey of “Awakening the Magdala Within” was an exhilarating internal reboot which brought me back to myself and made me feel more whole again. I rediscovered my true Essence. The journey has broken down my resistance to Love, helped me to connect more deeply with my own body and the Divine Feminine within me.

I am more at one with my gentle feminine power and am so grateful for the balance and peace that this has brought to my life. Thank you so much, Harriët.’

Nora Therese, Ireland, Awakening the Magdala Within, 2019-2021

‘The Light that Harriët brings forth fulfils the heart’

‘Harriët is a masterful Spiritual Teacher. The meditations were very deep and profound and the Light that Harriët brings forth is deeply penetrating, fulfilling the heart with the possibility to change. It was a wonderful weekend with lovely people.’

David, England, Rebirth Weekend, Amsterdam, 2019


The word ‘advanced’ points to several aspects of this ultra-modern Light Program.

  • We do not work with energy, but with the high and pure frequencies of The Mary Magdalene Light. This is an ultra-modern way of stimulating your evolutionary process.
  • Also, we work in co-creation with the Divine Mother. This Womb of Creation is the ultimate Source for replenishment but not many people know how to address Her.
  • During the course of nine months, your entire energy system will be reconnected with the Divine Mother, the missing link in our society and thus within ourselves.

The Mary Magdalene Light has purging qualities and will free your chakras of old and ancient energies that you have carried for many lifetimes, but which no longer serve you. 

  • These energies may represent negative beliefs, fears and un-wholesome patterning that distance your connection from the Divine Mother and innate feminine qualities.

By purifying your chakras, their frequency elevates. This then energises your aura, which in turn makes you feel brighter, lighter and more content.

This Program is not only about purification but also about alignment.

  1. Your seven main chakras will be aligned with each other on a far deeper level than you are used to. This will bring you closer to your blueprint, providing clarity on your life purpose.
  2. Your seven main chakras will also be brought into alignment with your Holy Womb Chakra, the dormant chakra beyond all chakras. It is your manifestation centre and will enable you to manifest your life purpose with more clarity.
  3. Over a period of nine months, each chakra will gradually be aligned with The Mother of All That is/ The Womb of Creation How? First, by purifying them of any hindering energies, and then unlocking their hidden portals to The Mother.
The Holy Womb Chakra is different from the Sacral Chakra. It is the chakra behind all chakras.

Working with The Holy Womb Chakra is supreme spiritual knowledge that the patriarchy has suppressed for thousands of years. A lot of this knowledge became lost over the past millennia, but now The Divine Mother (The Mother Goddess, The Womb of Creation, The SHE) is stepping forth and offering it to us once more.

Each human being, whatever the gender, has a Holy Womb Chakra. Your Holy Womb Chakra is your manifestation centre, enabling you to manifest anything in your life and in the world. A soul with brilliant creativity, radiance and supernatural ability has a powerful, purified Holy Womb Chakra. Those with an unhealthy Holy Womb Chakra suffer from a lack of clarity in many areas of their life with an inability to implement sustained positive change.

  • Your Holy Womb Chakra is your centre of manifestation.
  • It is your Holy Grail.
  • The Holy Womb Chakra is a sphere and lies in a higher dimension, slightly removed from the seven main chakras we usually focus on. This program is designed to align your seven main chakras with the Holy Womb Chakra.

The light or flame residing in our Holy Womb Chakra is covered by layers of ancient non-useful energies, remnants from the past. The journey of awakening and developing our Holy Womb Chakra is similar to that of awakening the Heart Chakra. It is about shedding these layers of ancient energies to reveal its light.

The ‘Advanced Chakra Purification and Alignment Program’ is for anyone, whatever the gender.

  • The minimum age for this sacred and profound journey is 21.
  • This Light Program is not intended as a replacement for medical care and/or medication from a qualified health practitioner.
  • This Light Program is not recommended if you suffer from deep-seated mental issues such as psychosis or other psychological disorders. You are responsible for your own health and well-being, and this includes choosing to take a healing of any modality.

If you would like some personal advice on your specific situation, please contact me.

Our high-vibrational essences are key to the success of your Light Program. Each month you use one bottle. They have no scent, are not for diffusion, but are meant for oral in-take.

Take three tiny drops, three times a day, in a little water:
– first thing in the morning,
– halfway through your day, and
– when you go to bed at night.

Should you have ordered alcohol-free essences, then you only take two drops instead of three, as the drops themselves are larger.

For full effect, continue as mentioned above until your bottle is empty.

Each 10ml essence bottle consists of The Mary Magdalene Light, an additional energy pattern, water and approximately 30% alcohol for preservation (unless you ordered the alcohol-free version).

  • Our essences do not conflict with homeopathy or any other medication.
  • These essences provide additional support and should not be taken instead of medication issued by a qualified health practitioner.
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What you will receive

The ‘Advanced Chakra Purification and Alignment Program’ is a true investment in yourself, and you deserve it. Participants in my previous Light Programs, know first-hand that you always receive far more than you can imagine. The Mary Magdalene Light is infinitely generous and abundant.

1)  Nine full months of
Light Transmissions
(€125 each)

Total Value €1,125

2) Nine essences containing
The Mary Magdalene Light
(€29.98 each)

Total Value €269.82

Teachings by email

3) Nine original teachings
by email

(€20 each)

Total Value €180

Free Healing Consultation

4) Ten, 2-hour online
Meditation Circles*
with me

(€24.95 each)

Total Value €249.50

5) A velvet journal to log
your experiences, insights
and transformations

Value €10

6) A complementary essence pouch to keep your
monthly essence safe

Value €5.50

If, due to your time zone or any other reason, you cannot attend a Meditation Circle,
I will record the session which will then be available for a full week.

You will also receive free of charge

  • One reserve dropper bottle, should you lose or break one (real cost €1.50)

  • A practical case to keep your stock of essences (real cost €12.50)

  • A set of twelve sustainable crayons with a non-plastic pencil sharpener (real cost €12.45)

  • An essence reading (by email) with each essence vibration, as we start each new month of the journey

  • The postage and packaging of your essences, wherever you are in the world

  • OPTIONAL: Access to a private and sacred Facebook Group for connecting, sharing and inspiration

the value of this Advanced Light Program
amounts to over 1,870 Euro.

But how can you put a price on your well-being,
happiness, growth, healing and becoming whole?

It really is priceless.

Total cost

I am happy to offer you this revolutionary Light Program
in The Mary Magdalene Light for only 1,870 euro.

Isn’t that an offer you can’t refuse?


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The Mary Magdalene Light starts to gently prepare your system from the instant you sign up.
Therefore no refunds are possible.

Don’t miss out on this unique,
one-off opportunity!

Transformational, easy, effective

Online yet personal

Nine reasons why you should not miss out

  1. It is a one-off course.
  2. It is revolutionary.
  3. This is a massive opportunity to reconnect your system fully with the missing link within our society and thus ourselves:
    The Womb of Creation.
  4. Your dormant Holy Womb Chakra, (different to your Sacral Chakra), will become an integral awakened part of your being, allowing you to manifest your life purpose.
  5. This transformational journey is effective: it takes only 9 months, the term of a pregnancy.
  6. It is profound.
  7. It is unprecedented.
  8. You can participate from anywhere in the world.
  9. You journey together with Harriët Kroon, the original channel of The Mary Magdalene Light.
Harriët Kroon

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